Sunday, July 1, 2012


Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami all ranked in the top 30 housing markets in The United States. The West Palm Beach/Boca Raton market lead the way with a 14.0 percent increase in home price's from one year before. Home price's rose 1.29 percent from just a month before. Listing inventory in is down 19.79 percent from the year before and down 3.22 percent from the month before.

The market in Fort Lauderdale came in directly behind Palm Beach County. While the market only rose 6.91 percent from the year prior and .06 percent from the month before, the inventory in Fort Lauderdale 28.70 percent from the year before.  

Miami’s home price rose 15.4 percent from the year prior while inventory was down 32.0 percent from the year prior. All of these are extremely strong indicators that the market has not only recovered but is going well in the other direction.

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