Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Villa Feltrinelli

Villa Feltrinelli is the picture of affluence. With eight acres of immaculate landscape at your fingertips, including lakeside Italianate gardens, guests will find themselves in an indulgent summer retreat that resonates with 19th century romance.

Resting alongside the peaceful shore of Lake Garda in Gargnano, Villa Feltrinelli is the perfect choice for your taste of luxury. The Villa features ceilings adorned with frescos painted by the Lieti Brothers and 70 pieces of antique furniture.

Each of the 21 suites are architecturally unique from one another, with 13 in the main house and eight in outlying guests cottages. The main house suits are more ornate in design, with a elegant romance built into each architectural choice, while the guest cottages give a more contemporary flair with understated design choices.

Regardless of which suite you stay in at Villa Feltrinelli, luxury amenities are always readily available. Plush reversible bathrobes, with satin on one side, are waiting for you in the immaculate bathrooms, along with Acqua di Parma toiletries. Suites also come with a music system, unpacking service, laundry service, and desk sets of hand-printed Venetian paper for that perfect note home.

Chef Stefano Baiocco prides himself on using hand-picked organic ingredients, such as olives, capers, lemons, flowers, and many herbs. Transforming seemingly simple dishes like pasta and risotto with a display flair and local flavors, Baiocco strives to remind guests of their Northern Italy location.  Down in the ornately lit cellar is the Villa's fine wine collection. With over 500 Northern Italian selections, there is sure to be the perfect choice for any occasion.

During season prices are set at $3,368.00 a night. 

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